Failure Of Winston’s Welcoming Resolution Demonstrated The Reach Of The Right

It’s been a rainy few days, flooding has occurred throughout the Triad. It’s a good time to reflect on the state of the Left. Our nation is divided more or less equally between conservative and progressive opinions. Yet, Republicans control the White House, Congress and the Supreme Court-thanks largely to Gerrymandering and the unaddressed flaws in our electoral system. In North Carolina we have divided government.

Winston-Salem City Council Refuses To Support Undocumented Immigrants

It looked like last night’s Winston-Salem City Council meeting would finally see Council Member Dan Besse’s Welcoming City resolution come to a vote. But that wasn’t the case. In a surprise move, Besse removed his resolution from the city council’s agenda without any opposition or debate. Besse stated that he wasn’t giving up on his Welcoming City resolution. Rather, he was working on a compromise that the city council could endorse.

City Won’t Add Additional Needle Exchange Regulations-For Now

Monday afternoon, the Public Safety Committee of the Winston-Salem City Council failed to pass a resolution restricting the location of needle exchanges in Winston. The North Carolina General Assembly legalized needle exchanges last year. But the General Assembly prohibited needle exchanges operating in North Carolina from receiving any government funding. Thus needle exchanges like Twin City Harm Reduction Collective don’t have the funding to operate in a commercial areas. Council Member John Larson has been pushing for the city to adopt zoning regulations that could push the city’s only needle exchange program out of its location at Green Street Methodist and potentially out of existence.

Needle Exchanges: Approved By NCGA, But Scrutinized By W-S City Council?

If you haven’t read much about Winston’s needle exchange collective, now is a good time to catch-up on the subject. Perhaps your ignorance is attributable to the Winston-Salem Journal’s failure to adequately cover the topic. While our local paper of record has snoozed, Triad City Beat has given Winston’s needle exchange extensive coverage. On March 1, Jonathan Michel wrote an in-depth article on The Twin City Harm Reduction Collective, a needle exchange program founded by Colin Miller and Erica Mishoe. TCB’s Jordan Green has written two follow-up pieces (1+2) on the Public Safety Committee’s suggestion at Monday’s meeting, that the location of needle exchanges should be regulated by the city.

Indivisible Town Hall Loves Muslims, Hates Putin And Embraces The ACA

Last Thursday, Indivisible Piedmont N.C. organized at town hall meeting at Green Street Methodist. For an organization that formed just a couple of months ago, it was a very well ran event. Attendance was good, speakers were competent. Green Street’s sanctuary was two-thirds full. But, Indivisible Piedmont’s focus was completely misplaced.

City-Wide Poverty Solutions Can’t Be Implemented By The Dozen

It’s been a week now since Mayor Joines’ anti-poverty Thought Force released their final report. I hope local activists and concerned citizens have by now taken time to read it. The 56 page report contains some excellent information. I found the first two sections to be especially valuable. They provide a helpful overview and analysis of poverty in Winston-Salem.

After Shaming McCrory in D.C., GSO ISO Stands With Immigrants In The Triad

It’s been a great week for the Greensboro chapter of the International Socialist Organization. Last Friday the GSO ISO organized a caravan (a bus and two or three vans) of protesters to D.C. There they joined hundreds of thousands of activists from all around the country, whose very presence unnerved Donald Trump. While the Women’s March on Washington received national headlines, it was the GSO ISO’s public shaming of ex-governor Pat McCrory that received state and local attention. Then, last night, six days after Trump’s Inauguration, the GSO ISO led a broad coalition of activists in a march through Downtown Greensboro, to protest President Trump’s executive actions against Mexicans and Muslims. Specifically, Trump’s move to build a another dam wall on our Southern Border (The Secure Fence Act of 2016-which Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton voted for already built a secure/militarized border) and Trump’s draconian measure to temporarily halt Syrians and refugees from entering the United States. The new administration of bigots got about as they close as they could to their campaign promise to ban all Muslims from entering the country.

Unable To Get Anywhere Near Trump, Triad Activists Publicly Shame Pat McCrory


Early Friday morning Triad activists gathered at the Central Carolina Worker Justice Center to begin the long trip to D.C. Two vans and a bus organized by the Greensboro branch of the International Socialist Organization (GSO ISO), filled with students and community activists determined to make their voices heard at Trump’s inauguration left Greensboro at 2 a.m.

Inaugurations typically don’t attract large protests. They’re supposed to be happy occasions. We haven’t seen large inaugural protests in D.C. since George W.Bush took the oath of office in 2001. But Trump is unprecedentedly unpopular. According to a recent Gallop poll, just 4 in 10 Americans support Trump.

Forsyth County, NC: County Of Eugenics

Thursday afternoon Wake Forest University hosted a screening of The State of Eugenics, Following the screening, there was a panel discussion featuring the film’s Director/Producer, Dawn Sinclair Shapiro, and led by Melissa Harris-Perry, with former Rep. Larry Womble, journalists Tommy Tomlinson and John Railey, and Dr. Laura Gerald, former chair of the state task force on compensation. The State of Eugenics tells the story of North Carolina’s Eugenics program and the fight to get a compensation bill through the General Assembly. This forgotten, dark chapter of North Carolina’s history is told through the now elderly victims of our state’s sterilization program and the lawmakers who finally passed sterilization compensation in 2013. Rep. Larry Womble is the real hero of the film. Larry Womble stubbornly wouldn’t let the issue die.

After Nearly 20 Years Behind Bars Kalvin Michael Smith Is Free At Last

The wheels of justice turn slowly. One can only imagine the mental anguish that Kalvin Michael Smith and his family have endured over the years. Kalvin Michael Smith has been waiting nearly 20 years to regain his freedom. He was convicted in 1997 of brutally assaulting Jill Marker and robbing the former Silk Plant Forest. Today’s Winston-Salem Journal has some excellent coverage of Kalvin’s case, including a timeline.