Will Ziggy’s Ever Reopen?

It was two years ago today that Snoop Dogg came to Winston. It was the crowning achievement of Ziggy’s reopening in Downtown Winston. Thousands of fans gathered to see a member of hip-hop royalty perform on an outdoor stage that Ziggy’s built for the show. It was a bold attempt to put Ziggy’s back on the map. It certainly created a buzz for Winston’s largest live music venue. But just seven months after Snoop came to town, Ziggy’s infighting … Read the rest

WSTA Bus Routes, How Do You Streamline Buses In A Segregated City?

With all the havoc that President Donald Trump has been causing with his pen, it makes local issues seem less significant. In his first week of office Trump signed an executive order to build the wall that he promised his xenophobic supporters on the campaign trail. If that wasn’t enough, Trump also fulfilled another one of his dreadful campaign promises; a de facto ban on Muslims entering our country.

With protests at airports around the country, it almost seems almost … Read the rest

Library Set To Open This Summer, But Now Is The Time It’s Needed Most

Earlier this month The Winston-Salem Journal informed its readers that Winston’s Central Library is currently on pace to open by mid-summer 2017. But with winter being upon us, now is the time that the community needs a central library the most.

The fact that the library has been closed since October 2014 is simply unforgivable. The Journal’s article notes the Central Library’s progress, but fails to mention the Republican majority Forsyth County Commissioners’ callused decision to close the library … Read the rest

Winston’s Got Pride! Pride Winston-Salem 2016


There was a great turn out for this year’s Pride Winston-Salem. The week-long celebration of LGBTQ culture and lifestyle seems to grow each year. Saturday’s pride parade drew large crowds to Fourth Street. But I was particularly impressed with how many people filled Trade Street and overflowed onto Liberty Street.

I believe 2011 was the first year that I attended Winston’s gay pride parade. Back then it was more taboo, the act of attending a pride parade was an … Read the rest

The W-S Central Library Has Been Closed For 2 Long Years; The Wait Continues

The Central Library closed on October 15, 2014. That was two long years ago today. The county commissioners let the Central Library sit empty for almost a year before the demolition of the old library began. The new Central Library is supposed to open sometime during the summer of 2017.

Assuming the construction is completed on time, when the new Central Library opens Winston-Salem/Forsyth County residents will have been nearly three years without a central branch. That’s a long time … Read the rest

Gentrification Continues In Winston’s Holly Avenue Neighborhood


The Winston-Salem Journal reported that an apartment renovation project is underway on Holly Avenue. Owner and developer Jeff Zenger is transforming the apartments at 648 Holly Avenue. When the 27-unit building is completed it will be known as “The Livery.” Apartments at the Livery will be equipped with a host of modern amenities, rents will range from $845 to over $900.

The Holly Avenue neighborhood is located between Downtown Winston and West Salem. Developers, such as Mr. Zenger have … Read the rest

Winston Holds Medical Bill Fundraisers: Time To Question Profit Driven Hospitals

There have been a couple of high-profile fundraisers in Winston recently to help folks saddled with crippling medical bills. It shows that there are a lot of people in this town who care about others in need. The spirit of giving, the willingness to help others is reminiscent of brotherhood that Moravians were known for when they settled Salem 200 years ago.

During the last week of April various Downtown Winston restaurant owners and their workers re-opened Skippys for eight … Read the rest

Razing A Black Neighborhood, Then Celebrating It’s Culture

Friday night the New Winston Museum hosted an evening of great art and great music. It was the opening reception for The Birth of the Cool, a photo collection by Owen Daniels. The exhibit, which runs all month features twenty of Daniels’ exquisite photos of local jazz and blues musicians such as Joe Robinson and Big Ron Hunter. These local jazz and blues musicians are gifted musicians who don’t often get the recognition that they deserve.

As I listened to … Read the rest

Winston’s Really Really Free Market Celebrates One Year Anniversary

Roughly a year ago Food Not Bombs Winston-Salem held its first Really Really Free Market at 110 3rd Street. Every last Saturday of the month from 10AM-1PM for the past year folks have gathered in the shadow of the Pepper building to give away items that they don’t need and to take items that they do need. The Really Really Free Market is a market without the constraints inherent in markets. First and foremost that means that no matter how … Read the rest

The Second Incarnation Of Ziggy’s Closes

Last Sunday night was the last Waltz for Ziggy’s, a live music venue that was once the epicenter of live music in Winston. In November, the shocking news that Ziggy’s would be closing stunned this observer. I knew that Ziggy’s wasn’t drawing very many big acts, the place wasn’t what it used to be. But Ziggy’s has been a linchpin of  Winston’s music scene for decades. I thought that place would stay open for years to come.

Apparently, the owners … Read the rest