Herbalife Finally Reaches A Deal With The FTC

Herbalife just settled with the Federal Trade Commission for $200 million. $200 million is a lot of money, but as usual no one at Herbalife will be punished in any way. The $200 million fine will be paid by shareholders. With their stock surging on the news of a settlement, $200 million won’t be hard for them to scrape up.

Herbalife will have to make some minor changes to their business structure and reform some of their business practises (as … Read the rest

CAT Cuts Jobs At Winston-Salem Plant

Incentives are a losing bet, anyone who tells you otherwise is either ill-informed or they aren’t being completely honest. Dell was wooed to Winston in 2004 with generous state and local incentives. The plant opened with much fanfare in 2005, but just 5 years later Dell closed the plant down. When Dell relocated to Winston just a year later we were told that Caterpillar wasn’t Dell.

But just a few years after they opened a plant in the southeast corner … Read the rest