City-Wide Poverty Solutions Can’t Be Implemented By The Dozen

It’s been a week now since Mayor Joines’ anti-poverty Thought Force released their final report. I hope local activists and concerned citizens have by now taken the time to read it. The 56-page report contains some excellent information. I found the first two sections to be especially valuable. They provide a helpful overview and analysis of poverty in Winston-Salem. But I found the conclusions, recommendations and suggested next steps of the anti-poverty Thought Force a little disappointing. Instead of … Read the rest

Apparently Poverty Can Wait In Winston-Salem

It’s finally done. Or perhaps it’s just beginning to unfold. Mayor Allen Joines’ Poverty Thought Force finally released its findings on Monday. It’s been a long wait. Mayor Joines first mentioned his intention of creating a Thought Force in December of 2013. Triad City Beat’s Jordan Green’s article, A city divided: The resurgent downtown and the abandoned urban core-my favorite article of 2016, has the timeline. It took two more years and a few national studies casting Winston in … Read the rest

A Scandal Greater Than Wakeyleaks

Last night’s College Football Playoff National Championship, presented by AT&T will be watched by millions of fans. For Alabama and Clemson the lavish investments that they’ve put into their football programs have certainly paid off. But for most universities football is a bad investment.

As the cost of coaches’ salaries, facilities and stadiums have skyrocket in a never-ending arms race, it’s time to acknowledge that the resources spent on college football are a waste. Just look at Wake Forest. Wake … Read the rest

The Wakeyleaks Scandal

Wakeyleaks is now a full-fledged scandal. When the news broke recently that a radio broadcaster affiliated with Wake Forest shared Wake’s confidential game-plans with Louisville and possibly other Wake opponents over the last two years, it quickly became a a viral topic on social media. Cleaver observers on Twitter are calling the scandal Wakeyleaks. It’s the Winston-Salem Journal’s top story today, overshadowing the North Carolina General Assembly’s special secession shenanigans.

While the nation continues to be obsessed with whether the … Read the rest