New Out-Of-State Owner Of Greenway Village Apartments Is Evicting Tenants With Records

“Mass evictions are taking place at the Greenway Village Apartments.” That’s what a friend of mine with Housing Justice Now told me on Saturday.* I stopped by Greenway Village Monday afternoon to see if I could verify what I had been told and to encourage anyone facing eviction to fight back. The Greenway Village Apartments are located just behind the former St. Phillips Moravian Church. The one-story frame apartments were built in the late 1940s to address a severe housing shortage after World War II.

Melissa Harris-Perry At Union Baptist

Dr. Melissa Harris-Perry delivered Winston’s 39th Annual MLK Noon Hour Commemoration address on Monday. The Maya Angelou Presidential Chair at Wake Forest University didn’t disappoint the packed audience at Union Baptist (including Mayor Joines and three rows of Winston-Salem/Forsyth County politicians, seated front and center). Harris-Perry is something of a public intellectual, widely known to the general public due to the popularity of The Melissa Harris-Perry Show on MSNBC (2012-2016). MHP is an author, an editor at the Nation, and But, Harris-Perry seldom speaks in Winston, outside of the campus of Wake Forest University.

A Big Idea For 2018: Wake Forest Should Buy The W-S Fairgrounds

The Wake Forest Demon Deacons defeated Texas A&M in a thriller of a football game Friday. As entertaining as the game was, I still find it hard to understand why universities participate in football. Afterall, the science is very clear. It’s a dangerous game that puts football players at risk for all types of bodily injuries and long-term brain damage. Ironically, Wake Forest has produced numerous studies in recent years that have added to our understanding of the intrinsic dangers of playing football.

As Of 2015, Wake Forest President Nathan Hatch Was The Highest Paid College President In The Nation

What do Nathan Hatch and the recently departed executives at Cardinal Innovations have in common? They were both paid way too much for the work they performed. Currently, the state is in the process of clawing back money from Cardinal Innovations. It’s unlikely that Wake Forest University President Nathan Hatch will give any of the over $4 million that he made in 2015 back. Wake Forest is a private college, it can more or less do what it wants.

Where Is Wake Forest?

Minimally Edited 2/23/2019

Yesterday the Wake Forest High School Cougars defeated Mallard Creek at BB&T Stadium. For Wake Forest, this was their second straight 4AA State Championship. Ironically the Wake Forest Cougars, dressed in blue and white won on the home field of Wake Forest University; the school that left their community decades ago. Wake Forest High is located 108 miles east of Winston in a town of 30,000, just north of Raleigh. The Wake Forest that people most often associate with Wake Forest (Wake Forest University) isn’t actually in Wake Forest.

City-Wide Poverty Solutions Can’t Be Implemented By The Dozen

It’s been a week now since Mayor Joines’ anti-poverty Thought Force released their final report. I hope local activists and concerned citizens have by now taken the time to read it. The 56-page report contains some excellent information. I found the first two sections to be especially valuable. They provide a helpful overview and analysis of poverty in Winston-Salem.

Apparently Poverty Can Wait In Winston-Salem

It’s finally done. Or perhaps it’s just beginning to unfold. Mayor Allen Joines’ Poverty Thought Force finally released its findings on Monday. It’s been a long wait. Mayor Joines first mentioned his intention of creating a Thought Force in December of 2013.

A Scandal Greater Than Wakeyleaks

Last night’s College Football Playoff National Championship, presented by AT&T will be watched by millions of fans. For Alabama and Clemson the lavish investments that they’ve put into their football programs have certainly paid off. But for most universities football is a bad investment. As the cost of coaches’ salaries, facilities and stadiums have skyrocket in a never-ending arms race, it’s time to acknowledge that the resources spent on college football are a waste. Just look at Wake Forest.

The Wakeyleaks Scandal

Wakeyleaks is now a full-fledged scandal. When the news broke recently that a radio broadcaster affiliated with Wake Forest shared Wake’s confidential game-plans with Louisville and possibly other Wake opponents over the last two years, it quickly became a a viral topic on social media. Cleaver observers on Twitter are calling the scandal Wakeyleaks. It’s the Winston-Salem Journal’s top story today, overshadowing the North Carolina General Assembly’s special secession shenanigans. While the nation continues to be obsessed with whether the Russians manipulated our recent Presidential Elections, Winston is preoccupied with the misbehavior of a now disgraced radio announcer for a 6-6 football team. Both cases are a detraction from the problem.