The Winston-Salem Journal’s Coverage of Kalvin Michael Smith Is Cockamamie

The Winston-Salem Journal is in a tough spot. Our community’s newspaper of record announced layoffs earlier this month. The Journal has been cutting staff and reducing the amount of content it offers for years. WFDD argues that the Journal and other newspapers are continuing to adjust to digitization. Pre-internet the newspaper was king, today’s information age has newspapers scrambling to re-invent themselves.

After Ignoring Smith’s Supporters For Years, Roy Cooper Ignores The LGBTQ Community

It’s Holy Week, the most important week of the year in the Christian calendar. Even if you don’t believe in the Easter narrative, it’s still a moving story of suffering, injustice and redemption, that should move us from inaction to action. Last year this time the North Carolina NAACP went to our state’s capital to personally appeal to then Attorney General Roy Cooper, and then Governor Pat McCrory to reconsider the wrongful convictions of Dontae Sharpe and Kalvin Michael Smith. This Holy Week I have decided to write a series of articles highlighting the injustice that Kalvin Michael Smith suffered at the hands of the WSPD and Forsyth County D.A.’s Office. For the last couple of weeks I have been thinking a lot about the so-called repeal of HB2 and Kalvin Michael Smith.

Tom Keith’s New Appointment Invites Renewed Scrutiny

Former Forsyth County D.A. Tom Keith has been named acting Rockingham County District Attorney by Governor Roy Cooper. Rockingham County’s elected D.A., Craig Blitzer is currently under investigation by the SBI. It appears that Blitzer and another D.A. hired their wives for work that they didn’t actually perform. Tom Keith told the Journal that he will serve as long as he’s needed, perhaps until the people of Rockingham County elect a new district attorney in November, 2018. The Winston-Salem Journal reported that Keith, expressed a willingness to adapt his style to suit a county more rural and less urban than Forsyth County.

John Robert Hayes, Another Victim Of The Forsyth County Injustice System

On March 13, Darryl Hunt’s body was found in a shopping center across from the Lawrence Joel Coliseum. That was a sad day for Winston. Darryl Hunt served nearly 20 years for a rape and murder that he didn’t commit. The Forsyth County D.A.’s Office ignored evidence that would have led them to the real perpetrator, Willard Brown. They put a collection of known liars on the stand (including a member of the KKK) and twice convinced a jury of twelve that Hunt was the monster that raped and killed Deborah Sykes, despite there never being any evidence that that was the case.