Time For The City Of Winston-Salem To Disclose Who It Banks With

During the Winston-Salem City Council’s May Finance Committee meeting a simple but important exchange occurred. It lasted just a couple of minutes and its significance went largely unnoticed by the local media. I should have written about it at the time.

Mayor Pro Tempore, Vivian Burke asked Lisa Saunders, the city’s finance director something that we all deserve to know the answer to. After Saunders finished describing the various details of the city’s General Obligation Bonds, Burke asked her “who … Read the rest

Warren Buffett Is No Friend Of The Working Class

Saturday there was a minor KKK rally in Charlottesville Virginia that was met with a huge counter-protest. Triad City Beat’s Jordan Green reported on his Facebook page that 40 Klanspeople were confronted by 1000 anti-racist activists.

With Donald Trump in the White House, it is important to stand up to racists and fascists.  But personally, I’m more worried about wolves in sheep’s clothing than the tiny remnant of the KKK that exists today.

Warren Buffett, the oligarch from Omaha is … Read the rest

First Baptist On Fifth Street Puts Daycare On The Chopping Block

It’s Sunday and I’m not at church. But I’m still bothered by First Baptist Church’s decision to tear down two of its buildings. First Baptist on Fifth Street is a beautiful historic church. Its grandeur is a reflection of the wealth that used to be on Fifth Street years ago when it was known as Winston’s millionaire’s row.

First Baptist is attempting to scale back the size of its buildings to meet the needs of today’s congregation. To that end, … Read the rest

Bookmarks Opens A First-Rate Bookstore In Downtown Winston

Bookmarks opened its new bookstore earlier today. It was exciting to see folks on Fourth Street lined up to get books instead of methadone. No offense to anyone taking methadone, we all need something. One thing Winston has needed for years is a first-rate bookstore.

Galleries are great, but every decent downtown has a quality bookstore. Bright Leaf Books, which opened a few months ago, is a nice little independent bookstore. But Bookmarks is a destination, a large independent bookstore, … Read the rest

Death Penalty Is Alive And Well In Forsyth County

Virginia just executed William Morva. Morva killed a hospital security guard and a Montgomery County deputy in 2006. The facts of Morva’s crimes are not in dispute. But there is extensive evidence that William Morva suffered from delusion disorder. Delusion disorder is a serious psychiatric disorder similar to paranoid schizophrenia.

Morva’s former friends and family members describe Morva as an outgoing young man who began to have debilitating bouts of mental illness in his late teens. The State of … Read the rest

The New Newports Are Coming

A new brand of Newport cigarettes is about to be released by Reynolds American. They’re called Newport Platinum. Little is known about Newport Platiniums at this time. Speculation on Reddit is that they are going to be an ultra light version of Newport, Reynolds’ popular menthol cigarette.

I noticed Reynolds’ teaser campaign for its new Newports the other day while I was in line at a local gas station. I’ve made a point to stop at a couple other local … Read the rest

What Does The Fourth Of July Mean To John Robert Hayes?

Today all throughout our nation folks will be celebrating our nation’s independence. Fireworks and cookouts are the order of the day. But what does the Fourth of July mean to John Robert Hayes?

If you don’t know who John Robert Hayes is, read the Winston-Salem Journal’s Michael Hewlett. John Robert Hayes, 45 is currently serving two life sentences in connection with a double-homicide that occurred on July 25, 1993. Someone shot 3 men, killing two of  them at the … Read the rest

Minerva Garcia And Her Family Take Sanctuary In Greensboro Church

Thursday Minerva Garcia and her two young sons took sanctuary at Congregational Church of Christ in Greensboro. Minerva becomes just the second undocumented immigrant in North Carolina (both in Greensboro) to take refuge in a church to avoid deportation.

Thursday was a good day for Minerva and her supporters. No one wants to effectively be imprisoned in a church, but it’s better than what ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) had planned for Minerva. When she reported to ICE several weeks … Read the rest

Minerva Garcia: Another Example Of Our Broken Legal System

Time is not on Minerva Garcia’s side. Despite her best efforts to stay in this country with her children, ICE is poised to deport her. Unless ICE issues a stay of deportation, Minerva will be on a bus back to Mexico by Friday.

Minerva’s case for staying here in Winston is a just one. That’s why members of Winston’s faith community have rallied to her side in recent weeks. She came to this country 17 years ago to provide a … Read the rest

East Winston Vs. Forsyth County Tax Assessor, Round II

The most recent county-wide tax reappraisal was relatively non-controversial. Compared to the uproar that occurred in 2013, the 2017 reappraisal has been well received. Overall, the county’s home values increased. About 70 percent of homes in Forsyth County increased in value and 30 percent of homes decreased in value. But the 2017 tax reappraisal was more bad news for East Winston.

Winston’s majority-minority section of town, once again saw home values decline. East Winston residents are once again asking why Read the rest

Remembering The Mouse House

Winston-Salem, N.C. is proud of its history-its 18th and 19th-century history that is. Winston’s is also extremely proud of its transition from a tobacco and textile manufacturing town, to its reincarnation as the so-called, “City of Arts and Innovation.” There’s a feeling in Winston that the past is in the past, but the past is always present. You just have to know where to look for it.

Winston’s history is intertwined with R.J. Reynolds’ Tobacco, like the city’s name itself. … Read the rest

Resentment Over Downtown Incentives Led To Contentious Trans-AID Debate

Monday’s marathon city council meeting was eventful. In a little under 3 hours, the Winston-Salem City Council passed its $482.4 million 2017-2018 budget by the thinnest of margins, 4-3 (Council Member Adams was absent). The highlights of the budget include; a marginal tax increase and higher pay for police and firefighters as well as other city employees.

Winston pays its police and fire department and other government workers less than comparable cities in North Carolina. It had no choice but … Read the rest