Cheap Rents Are Needed For Artists And Workers To Thrive

Saturday night at the Garage, the Vagabond Saints’ Society played two hours worth of the Velvet Underground’s greatest hits. As usual, the Vagabond Saints’ Society put on a great show, which will surely be memorialized in the Garage’s hallway of posters.

The Velvet Underground were a very influential rock band, ahead of their time. They were only fully appreciated years after the band broke up.

But the Velvet Underground and other New York bands of the late 1960s and 1970s … Read the rest

Winston-Salem Artists Rock And Rail Against HB2

Last Sunday a laundry list of local and regional musicians played a day long benefit concert, rocking and railing against North Carolina’s infamous HB2 law (and supporting the victims of the Orlando mass-shooting). This was the second concert in a series of statewide concerts organized to publicly rebuke HB2. The first Stand Against HB2 concert was held in mid-May in the Triangle. Upcoming concerts are scheduled in Asheville, Charlotte and Wilmington. Winston residents can be proud that it was Winston … Read the rest

The Second Incarnation Of Ziggy’s Closes

Last Sunday night was the last Waltz for Ziggy’s, a live music venue that was once the epicenter of live music in Winston. In November, the shocking news that Ziggy’s would be closing stunned this observer. I knew that Ziggy’s wasn’t drawing very many big acts, the place wasn’t what it used to be. But Ziggy’s has been a linchpin of  Winston’s music scene for decades. I thought that place would stay open for years to come.

Apparently, the owners … Read the rest