The New Central Library Turns One

A year ago, Downtown Winston-Salem’s Central Library reopened after being closed for entirely too long. One year later, it’s fair to mention the Central Library’s shortcoming. Winston’s Central Library is an amazing redeveloped building. It’s so much better than the old Central Library which was opened in the 1950s and expanded in the 1970s. Winston’s Central Library is where millionaire’s row meets skid row.

New Central Library Is Impressive, The Same Can’t Be Said About The Forsyth County Commissioners

August 31 was a historic day in Winston. For decades it will be remembered as the day that the Central Library reopened. But that doesn’t mean that we have to forget that it took the Forsyth County Commissioners nearly three years to construct the library that Winston-Salem and all of Forsyth County approved almost seven years ago. The new Central Library is very impressive. It’s everything that the old Central Library wasn’t.

At Long Last Winston-Salem Has A Central Library Again

Today, Winston-Salem’s new Central Library will finally open. It’s been a long and unreasonable wait. No tears will be shed for Winston-Salem’s old Central Library. Everyone remembers how bad that place was. The old Central Library consisted of two buildings.

Library Set To Open This Summer, But Now Is The Time It’s Needed Most

Earlier this month The Winston-Salem Journal informed its readers that Winston’s Central Library is currently on pace to open by mid-summer 2017. But with winter being upon us, now is the time that the community needs a central library the most. The fact that the library has been closed since October 2014 is simply unforgivable. The Journal’s article notes the Central Library’s progress, but fails to mention the Republican majority Forsyth County Commissioners’ callused decision to close the library for nearly three years while construction crews essentially build a new library on the shell of the old Central Library. Voters in Forsyth County overwhelmingly approved the library bonds in November, 2010.

The W-S Central Library Has Been Closed For 2 Long Years; The Wait Continues

The Central Library closed on October 15, 2014. That was two long years ago today. The county commissioners let the Central Library sit empty for almost a year before the demolition of the old library began. The new Central Library is supposed to open sometime during the summer of 2017. Assuming the construction is completed on time, when the new Central Library opens Winston-Salem/Forsyth County residents will have been nearly three years without a central branch. That’s a long time to wait for a project that was approved by Forsyth County voters overwhelmingly approved in November, 2010. The conservative majority on the Forsyth County Commissioners needlessly delayed the library’s construction because they didn’t want to increase the county’s debt load.