Winston’s Bus Service Has Many Challenges, Novant And Baptist Should Chip In

2017 has been a bad year thus-far for our city’s bus riders. The Winston-Salem Transit Authority implemented sweeping changes to established bus routes on January 2nd. WSTA and the Winston-Salem City Council spent a considerable amount of time last year planning and reviewing the new bus routes. But the new bus routes are a bust. They’ve sparked outrage amongst Winston’s working-class.

At Tuesday night’s city council meeting several city residents spoke of how their lives had been made more difficult … Read the rest

City Council Notes: DTWS Strip Club Zoned Out Of Business, Rolling Hills Bonds Approved

Here’s a look at some highlights from Monday’s full meeting of the Winston-Salem City Council

  • A resolution honoring the Winston-Salem Chapter of the Top Ladies of Distinction, INC was approved.
  • A resolution honoring the city’s SOAR, Successful Outcomes After Release Program was approved. More job programs are needed to reintegrate ex-prisoners back into society. SOAR received 120 applications for the eight slots available in the program.
  • Ordnance renaming a disconnected section of Maple Street to Earline Parmon
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Winston’s LGBTQ Community Voices Its Opposition To HB2

Concerned members of Winston’s LGBTQ Community and their allies packed City Hall Monday night. They patiently waited their turn to publicly comment on House Bill 2. After the city council finished debating other matters, Councilman Dan Besse introduced his resolution condemning House Bill 2. Besse criticized House Bill 2 as an unConstitutional legislative over-reach by Governor McCrory and the General Assembly. Besse said that House Bill 2 was bad legislation that would among other things, ban Winston-Salem from awarding city … Read the rest