Throwback Thursday: Redneck Standoff At The Traveler’s Inn

This article was originally posted on February 9, 2014, on It’s the story of a petty criminal and a massive, disproportionate mobilization of local police to bring him into custody. 


Just before midnight on Sunday, February 2,  as the good folks of Northwest North Carolina were in bed asleep in preparation for the work week ahead, the King City Police Department confronted Christopher Jenkins at the Waffle House in King. What happened next lead to a redneck standoff that would last for 29 hours at a cheap motel on University Parkway and briefly capture the imagination of the city of Winston. It was a little surreal to see how quickly a simple police matter can escalate into a standoff. The real story was not the redneck and his supposed “hostage” little brother in a motel room, but the overwhelming show of force on the part of the Winston-Salem Police Department and other local law enforcement agencies.

Needle Exchanges: Approved By NCGA, But Scrutinized By W-S City Council?

If you haven’t read much about Winston’s needle exchange collective, now is a good time to catch-up on the subject. Perhaps your ignorance is attributable to the Winston-Salem Journal’s failure to adequately cover the topic. While our local paper of record has snoozed, Triad City Beat has given Winston’s needle exchange extensive coverage. On March 1, Jonathan Michel wrote an in-depth article on The Twin City Harm Reduction Collective, a needle exchange program founded by Colin Miller and Erica Mishoe. TCB’s Jordan Green has written two follow-up pieces (1+2) on the Public Safety Committee’s suggestion at Monday’s meeting, that the location of needle exchanges should be regulated by the city.