Wells Fargo Whistleblower Loses Lawsuit, But Brought Important Information To The Public

Thursday, the Winston-Salem Journal’s Richard Craver reported that Wells Fargo whistleblower George Hartzman lost his lawsuit against his former employer. It was a predictable outcome. Hartzman probably had a good lawyer, but he didn’t have his own legal department.

On a personal level, it must have been very disappointing for Mr. Hartzman to lose to his former employer. Especially since Hartzman appears to have had a solid case against Wells Fargo. But in our legal system justice matters less than … Read the rest

Time For The City Of Winston-Salem To Disclose Who It Banks With

During the Winston-Salem City Council’s May Finance Committee meeting a simple but important exchange occurred. It lasted just a couple of minutes and its significance went largely unnoticed by the local media. I should have written about it at the time.

Mayor Pro Tempore, Vivian Burke asked Lisa Saunders, the city’s finance director something that we all deserve to know the answer to. After Saunders finished describing the various details of the city’s General Obligation Bonds, Burke asked her “who … Read the rest

Wells Fargo’s Acquisition of Wachovia Was A Massive Tax Fraud

The Wells Fargo scandal is jaw-dropping! Thus far 5,300 employees have been fired for opening up thousands upon thousands of unauthorized accounts. Wells Fargo, a notoriously bad bank to work for pushed its employees to sell more and more financial products to customers. In order to meet unattainable goals Wells Fargo employees engaged in a massive fraud that may permanently stain the bank’s reputation with the public.

Wells Fargo once again proved the truth of Bill Black’s excellent line, “the Read the rest