November 26, 2017

Truly Frank Statements From The Tobacco Industry

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While watching TV today you might see something that hasn’t been on TV since the 1970s-tobacco commercials. But these tobacco commercials aren’t anything like the old tobacco commercials.

Starting today the Tobacco Industry is releasing court-mandated statements in print newspapers and on TV commercials. After years of litigation, the industry is begrudgingly admitting not only the dangerous qualities of cigarettes but the fact that the industry knowingly deceived the American public for decades; placing their profits over the American people’s health.

The print ads and commercials being rolled out today are the antitheses of the ads the Tobacco Industry began rolling out in the 1950s, the industry’s supposed “frank statement.”

For decades the Tobacco Industry has been in the business of selling nicotine, selling addiction. Even today, the industry is reaping the rewards of the lies they sold the American public years ago.

To preserve their profits the Tobacco Industry pioneered deceptive public relations practices. With a huge war chest to spend and politicians and scientists in their pocket, the Tobacco Industry for decades created doubt that cigarettes and cancer were linked.

Over the years the Tobacco Industry’s evil playbook has been copied by a who’s who of evil industries-from the Oil Industry to the NFL. The Tobacco Industry effectively released public policy malware; a toolkit for how corrupt corporate interests could thwart the will of the American public.

So when you see the tobacco commercials over the next year, remember that. The next time you drive past Reynolds American’s downtown Winston-Salem headquarters or drive past Tobaccoville, remember that Reynolds and other members of Big Tobacco have engaged in shenanigans that would make Al Capone turn in his grave.





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